CNA Girls in SPED class




Length of Course: 1 Year (360 hours)

Location of Course: NKVTC-Delano

Days of Attendance in Class: Monday – Friday

Class Schedule: Period 1/2

The Health Careers program offers student training in a wide variety of medical occupations.  They will learn entry-level skills that will enable them to enter the exciting and demanding field of health care.  The course is open to both men and women who have a sincere interest in helping people in a health care setting.
Students begin the school year learning theory related to employment in the health care industry including CPR, career research, medical terminology, infection control, safety, communication, job preparedness.   Upon completion of this introductory unit,  they enter the clinical setting to receive in depth work experience. Students are placed in a variety of health occupation fields and will receive valuable skills.
Supplemental lecture related to the health industry continues to be provided throughout the course including: geriatric care, first aid, anatomy/physiology, death and dying, vital signs, community health resources and services, preventative medicine, and nutrition.
Upon completion of the course the student is awarded a Certificate of Completion and Achievement Record.

HO/MA Instructor Job Description