Medical Assistant Evening Class

• Start date: September 4, 2018.
• Classroom times will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:00-7:00 p.m.
• Classes are held at NKVTC Wasco: 2150 7th Street, Wasco.
• Class start date is September 4, 2018. Total weeks theory= 14. Total Days = 42 Total Hours = 126
• Classes will follow the WHS schedule in honoring local and federal holidays.
• Classes will run until December.
• The instructor may add 3 classes for embedded support as needed through the year.
CLINICAL PLACEMENT (On the Job Training)
• In January, students will be placed on clinical sites with approval from the instructor.
• Placement times and dates will vary by student, but must be completed prior to May 1.
• Total clinical hours required = 200.
• Although NKVTC Instructors can assist with placing students on clinical sites in the Wasco area, a student who chooses a new or different clinical site may be
honored. The ultimate responsibility of procuring a placement site lies with the student.
• NK Instructor is responsible for approving all clinical sites prior to placement.
• Adult students will continue to follow our rigorous demands as outlined in the HSMT Adult program handbook. If a student does not master the classroom/theory,
that student will not be placed and will be dropped.
• (5) Absences for theory = drop. No refund.
• Successful completion of the course will qualify students to sit for the N.H.A. M.A. exam. NKVTC can not guarantee that the certificate of completion will
qualify students for other exams and/or all employers.
• $1,700.00 program fee (NOT REFUNDABLE).
• NKVTC will pay for CPR training (not the card) and fingerprinting.
• Adults will be required to purchase own uniforms and texts, as well as a fee to process the CPR card.
• Adults are responsible for costs associated with physical exams, TB tests, and other medical requirements.
• Self-transport.
• Fill out the student enrollment form.
• Attend orientation on September 4 at 4:00 p.m.
• Space is limited to 18 students.
• NK will tentatively enroll all students through Week One. At the end of Week One, an assessment will determine the top students to remain in the class. Fees
will not be required until the final class roster is established.
• Class rosters will be established by achievement and assessment only.
• Students are responsible for notifying the instructor of disabilities or challenges which will need special accommodations on the first day of class.
• Students may set up a payment plan with Mrs. Hart in the NKVTC Wasco office. Entire payment is due prior to being placed on a clinical setting, and no refunds
will be given if a student does not successfully complete classroom hours to qualify for clinical placement.
• Questions can be directed to Mrs. Hart at 661-758-3045 or Email to Amy Bean, Director, at

Enrollment Form

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