Traditionally, Adult students from the communities of Delano and Wasco have been allowed to enroll in classes at North Kern .  While it is our primary goal to serve high school students, occasionally space may be available for adults.

Policy as established in July, 2015.

  • High school students will be given priority.
  • Fee for the year class will be $500.00.  Note that this fee is non-refundable once an adult has enrolled, and is registered by NKVTC.
  • NKVTC does not transport adult students.
  • All adult students will be required to provide a background fingerprint check through the KCSOS. The cost for this is included in your registration fee. Your teacher will advise you about your fingerprinting requirements and dates. If adult students cannot attend the NKVTC date and time, they will be required to make alternate plans..

If you are interested in enrolling in our courses, note the calendar and the schedule on the website.  You may simply show up on the first day, follow the instructor’s course lesson for the day, and be sure to identify yourself as an adult student.  You will be allowed to “audit” the class at no cost until the final decision is made by the instructor, in conjunction with the NKVTC administrative staff , as to whether space is available and the course is a good fit for your career goals.